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One of the problems that invades public space is the mass of cables and telephones that load at the same time create a hiccup and opportunities for the attackers. Ticarico.it offers the ultimate customizable solution at competitive costs.

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personalizzazione power station


You-charge.com’s smartphone and tablet charging accessories are customizable at 100%. We can print your logo and your communication on all surfaces of the product. From the product card you want to buy, you will be able to access a tool designed to customize the powerbank menu holder, the Power Bank Station and the power bank laptops we offer

personalizzazione power station

Loyalty your customers

Our accessories are an excellent customer loyalty tool, as besides offering a service that solves a daily and personal problem, offers great advertising engagement with great loyalty potential that has already been re-invented by our current customers. The customer will have an additional reason to return to your premises.

personalizzazione power station

Get Feedback

We’ve found that thanks to the service offered by companies using our smartphone and tablet recharge accessories, there is a positive feedback boost that contributes to the growth of the business or brand. Many customers thank us have been able to increase positive feedback on Trip Advisor by bringing their business to a higher level.

Our products

Accessories for smartphone and tablet charging.

Customizable Power Bank Menu Holder

The Power Bank Menu Holder is a great desktop solution with 4 usb outputs useful for connecting and charging devices like smartphones and tablets. It offers plenty of room for personalization both on the metal surface where you can place a logo or logo, at the top where you can insert advertising graphics or information about the activity.

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Customizable Power Bank Station

The Power Bank Station is a genuine recharging station made up of 8 large lockable recessed compartments. It is the optimal solution for the simultaneous charging of smartphones and tablets that customers prefer to the security provided by the very large drawers that can be locked.

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Customizable Power Bank

This category includes all customized PowerBanks with various Amps for all your needs. Our Power Banks, besides being bonding, provide ample personalization space, making these products great business gadgets to be delivered to customers or employees on special occasions.

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