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These General Sales Conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) govern the sale of products marketed by www.you-charge.com. All purchase contracts concluded through the you-charge.com site and according to the procedures indicated therein, between Supplier and Customer, will be governed by these General Conditions. For an online purchase contract, the term is a distance contract, that is, the legal deal between a Supplier and a Customer under a system of sale of goods or of distance services provided by Supplier which, for such contract , employs the Internet-based remote communication technology.

How to buy

Customer can only purchase the products in the you-charge.com electronic catalog at the time of posting and viewable at https://you-charge.com. The technical information regarding the products included in the you-charge.com website is based on the technical characteristics provided by the manufacturers. Nevertheless, there may be inconsistencies between what is stated by the producer and the good itself. Therefore, you-charge.com reserves the right to modify the technical information of the products to match those provided by the manufacturers without prior notice. It is understood that the image accompanying the descriptive card of a product, and / or the descriptive card itself may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, and differ according to color, size, present accessories and features. Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by you-charge.com via an e-mail response sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. This confirmation message will include the Order Date and Time of receipt and an Order Number, to be used in any further communication with you-charge.com. The message replicates all the data entered by the Customer that undertakes to verify its accuracy and promptly notifies any corrections in the manner described in this document. The Customer can also check the status of his order by accessing the web site dedicated to the “Customer Area-Orders State” section.

In case of non-acceptance of the order, you-charge.com commits itself to timely communication with the Customer.

All prices on the site are intended to be public and therefore include VAT. you-charge.comt reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, without notice, due to the continuous price fluctuations of the merchandise types treated. The you-charge.com site shows the availability of the product at the time of order. Because the simultaneous access of many customer customers and the simultaneous online ordering capability modifies the availability of the product, in rare cases, a product available at the time of purchase may not be due to the factors mentioned previously. In these cases, you-charge.com does not guarantee the certainty of assigning the goods ordered in the short term. Again, Customer will receive proper communication and will choose whether to wait for a new supply, choose an alternative product or cancel the order.

In the event that a product is displayed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or because of a listing error by our suppliers, Lenders s.r.l. will have the right to refuse or cancel any order sent to you for items listed at an incorrect price without notice. Lenders s.r.l. will have the right to refuse or cancel any such order, even in the case of confirmed orders and for which the credit card has already been debited. In the latter case, we will provide immediate refund of your credit card debit.

The maximum deadline for evading the order allowed by law is 30 days after receipt of payment. After this term Lenders s.r.l. will repay the amount paid to the customer. Delay in evasion can only occur in sporadic cases and in any case does not entitle the customer to refuse the goods. This right is, however, preserved if Lenders s.r.l were to deliver the goods beyond the thirtieth day of service, or if the Customer made an explicit request for cancellation of the order by mail, fax or registered order before the order was processed. Should the customer fail to do so, refusing the goods, all shipping and handling costs incurred by the customer will be borne by the Customer.

The rule provides that if the acquirer (in the present case, Lenders srl) has undertaken in good faith the execution prior to the notice of revocation, the proposer (in this case, the Client) is obliged to pay compensation (by act lawful) for the expenses and losses incurred for the execution of the contract.